Mothers’ Union

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MU BadgeThree Central Objects:
1. To uphold the sanctity of marriage.
2. To awaken in all Mothers a sense of  their great responsibility in the training of their boys and girls (the Fathers and Mothers of the future).
3. To organize in every place a band of Mothers who will unite in prayer and seek by their own example to lead their families in purity and holiness of life.

Mary Sumner’s Card:

  • Remember that your children are given up, body and soul, to Jesus Christ in Holy Baptism, and that your duty is to train them for His service.
  • Try by God’s help to make them truthful, obedient, and pure.
  • Never allow coarse jests, bad angry words, or low talk in your house.
  • Speak gently.
  • You are strongly advised never to give your children beer, wine, or spirits without the doctor’s orders, or to send young people to the public-house.
  • Do not allow your girls to go about the streets at night, and keep them from unsafe companions and from any dangerous amusement.
  • Be careful that your children do not read bad books or police reports.
  • Set them a good example in word and deed.
  • Kneel down and pray morning and evening, and teach your children to pray.
  • Try to read a few verses of the Bible daily, and come to church as regularly as possible.
  • If you repent truly of your sins, and desire with all your heart to love and follow the Lord Jesus, come to the Holy Communion, and feed on Him by faith, then will your souls be strengthened and refreshed. Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me”, it was His dying command. Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find it; knock and it shall be opened unto you” St. Matt. vii. 7

Prayer to be said Daily:

“O Lord, give me Thy Holy Spirit, that I may firmly believe in Jesus Christ, and love Him with all my heart. Wash my soul in His Precious Blood. Make me to hate sin and to be holy in thought, and word, and deed. Help me to be a faithful wife, and a loving mother. Bless me and unite us together in love and prayer, and teach me to train my children for Heaven. Pour our Thy Holy Spirit on my dear husband and children. Make our Home, a Home of peace and love, and may we so live on earth, that we may live with Thee for ever in Heaven, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen